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Tesla Model 3: A Quick Glance at What is to Come

The long awaited, budget, Tesla Model 3 has been unveiled by Elon Musk at a Space X event. This incredible machine will be able to bring the Tesla brand into the hands of many more people thanks to its price. At $35,999 for a base model, before government and state incentives, the Model 3 is in a price range many Americans, and people in the entire world can, afford. It will carry many of the same features seen in both the Model S and X, and will maintain the luxurious and comfort that Tesla is known for. This 5 seat sedan is smaller than the Model S, but it shares many of the same curves and features. Receding door handles, large and spacious seats, leather, a touchscreen, and all the things we’ve come to love form the Model S are present in the Model 3, albeit with some downgrades. At its price point the Tesla Model 3 not only competes fiercely with the Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Bolt in the electric car market, but it also competes with the BMW 3 series, and Audi A3/A4 in terms of luxury, comfort and performance. More details about the car are expected to be released in the coming months, as well as expected delivery dates and availability in Tesla Dealerships, as well as directly through Tesla’s website. However despite the lack of details the initial reserve/preorder for the cars is already full, and a second reserve list is open at this time with an expected delivery date of mid 2018 or later. All in all the new Model 3 brings a lot to the table in terms of affordability of quality electric cars, as well as innovation from Tesla.