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Ford Focus RS

A wolf in sheep's clothing. Ford brings new styling, technology, and performance to its new installment of hot hatches. The 2018 Ford Focus RS is the highest performance hatchback that Ford offers, and with a base price at just over $36,000 it is a no brainer for car enthusiasts. The whole

2017 Ford Taurus SHO

Ford Taurus SHO A powerful yet comfortable midsize sedan. The Ford Taurus, a standard for many law enforcement agencies, is a powerhouse fixed inside of a comfortable package. It comes with a turbocharged 3.5 L V6 engine, that produces 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to Fords proprietary EcoBoost technology

Ford GT 66 Heritage Edition

Ford GT 66 Heritage Edition

The American company Ford introduced a special version of the new generation supercar his Ford GT. It named 66 Ford GT Heritage Edition and is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of victory in the legendary race "24 Hours of Le Mans", where the first three places are occupied by pilots

Ford Focus RS500

Ford Focus RS500

The company Ford is developing a new version of the Focus RS, which should win the title of "fastest-accelerating hatchback in the world. To achieve this, the current RS will be put on a diet. Much of the details of the bodywork and chassis will be replaced with new ones

Ford Ka+ hatchback

Ford Ka hatchback

Ford introduced a new hatchback that will replace the compact Ka market in Europe. It will be called Ka+ and will be available with five doors, unlike its predecessor, which was only available with 3 doors. The new hatchback divides platform Fiesta, its length is 3939 mm and the distance